A historic chapel is renovated and situated in a meditative garden.


Work completed while employed with Ten Eyck Landscape Architects.

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The Chapel is a historic and critically important building on the St. Edward's University campus.  Undergoing massive renovations led by Pollen Architecture, the Chapel required a landscape of heightened importance - a meditation garden that would provide a transition from the bustling university streetscape to the tranquility of the chapel.  A low, curving hedge encircles the garden, providing respite and separation from the nearby street without sacrificing visibility and general accessibility to the garden.  Within the garden, there are places carved out for shared or solitary meditative experience under the canopy of new and mature Cedar Elm trees.  A central rain feature diverts storm roof runoff into an overhead flume and artistic cistern, recalling the passage of water during drier times.

As the project manager and key member of the design team, Allie Cassel worked directly under Christy Ten Eyck to arrive at the planting, hardscape and irrigation design as well as construction detailing.  She also coordinated work between Christy Ten Eyck and TELA staff, Pollen Architecture, representatives from St. Edward's University, and all other consultants.